“It’s not a sitcom, it’s a shitcom” Says My Mom

New side effects!

Neuropathy of the chin. For Real! While I was walking outside.

No feel bads or over serious empathy please – this is fascinating. If I move my chin muscles (yes chin muscles) it feels like someone is brushing my chin with a soft bristles toothbrush.

And ocular muscle spasms. Both eyes started freaking out and not necessarily wanting to close but not wanting to be open. I was walking with my arm looped with Jenns and informed her of the events and said if I trip or run into something this is why I am not loosing my marbles just my eye muscle control.

And total side note not side effect related: shortly after these photos were taken my ostomy bag sprung a leak from my adhesive and I officially publicly pooped myself. ☺️

Please laugh about this with me. It’s funny. Like my mom said “it’s like a sitcom” aka. Mother endorsed humor platform – commence!

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