While I was chatting with a friend this afternoon, my daughter walked up. She joined our conversation. While my friend was conversing with my daughter I was looking at my daughter and she looked different. It is like she had had a growth spurt since I had seen her just a few hours earlier. She was stunning. Her smile of kindness and her curious eyes. Her head tilted ready to listen because she wants to take it all in. In her own way. That is my daughter, I thought. Wow. That’s really fucking cool. I grabbed my phone and started taking a photo of her to capture the moment. She shied away, understandably so, from the seemingly completely random photoshoot flung upon her. My friend chirped in “Don’t do that to the girl” in a tone that was like Blanche Devereaux swatting her hand at me. I stopped. I quietly hoped that I was able to capture a photo what I had experienced a few moments earlier. The conversation went on, it was a nice visit.


One comment

  1. I literally noticed the same thing when you all were here the other day. She is sprinting now. I loved hearing about the aging of alligators and crocs. It was so interesting I fact checked her, and of course, she was right. That’s a power lady right there. Apple dont fall far…


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